Status Of The Cascade 07-03-2016

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July 3, 2016 by TheAntiPlasticCascade


After TOO LONG of an absence, The Anti-Plastic Cascade Podcast is returning this August with brand new episodes!

There are several new things for our return we must address first:

#1: We have changed services to SoundCloud!
All past and future episodes will be posted on the official Retro-Vision Studios SoundCloud page, with links shared here and on the social media accounts.
I’m working on getting the past episodes online again this week.
{“Left Overs” will still remain as YouTube only content for the time being}

#2: The Departure of James Patrick Vaughan!
Recently, co-caster James Patrick Vaughan’s schedule has changed dramatically, this has rendered his ability to podcast on a regular schedule impossible.
It’s not too bad though, we’d recorded several episodes before his departure, and I believe once things calm down he will be casting with us again!
In the mean time, we wish him good luck!

Leading to…

#3: We’re Getting New Co-Casters!
Several friends in various fields of interest have agreed to join the show as regular, rotating co-casters.
New episodes will be recording soon to mix in with our current backlog.

#4: New Release Schedule!
Once we start back in August, we plan to stick with a 2 episodes a month release schedule. This is subject to change depending on co-caster availability, topic relevance and other factors.
HOWEVER: We will try hard for twice a month!

Our target release date for the next episode is August 5th, 2016. Hope y’all will give us a listen then!

Thank you for your patience and understanding; we are excited to be coming back to the air!

~M.H. Smith~


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